Welcome to MK/IO

High-performance, API-driven video infrastructure for modern video applications


MK/IO is a high-performance, API-driven video infrastructure, ideal for building modern video applications and running streaming media services.

Our focus is to help you deliver great video to your viewers, make your operations and processes more efficient, and unlock new opportunities, leading to better engagement with your audience.

MK/IO can ensure your content reaches its maximum potential and connects with audiences all over the world.

  • Optimize your content creation and distribution.
  • Enable live streaming services at scale with high-quality and trusted reliability.
  • Unlock greater revenue potential with DRM protection and content monetization tools.

The new service offers API-driven extensible SaaS workflows, enabling you to create a stable and scalable next-gen foundation for your video services.

Help! I use AMS today

Then you've come to the right place.

MK/IO runs on Azure and provides you all the same capability and video services as you are using today from AMS — and we have added some neat features in MK/IO to facilitate the migration:

  • Video previously encoded with Azure Media Encoding services can be directly consumed in MK/IO.
  • The MK/IO interface and APIs are identical to the Azure Media Services APIs.

You just need to follow some simple steps to start migrating. Once done, you'll be able to:

  • Live stream events using your existing production workflows.
  • Run transcode jobs on assets and set up new transforms.
  • Set up streaming endpoints and make use of dynamic packaging services on previously encoded and new assets.
  • Configure streaming locators to enable DRM services and manage manifests.


We’ve worked hard to make sure you can keep compatiability with what you do today, while opening the door to new, more powerful workflows and simplified management in the future.

Let's explore what you can expect from this guide


This guide will help you get set up as a first-time user, setting up your account and accessing the base resources available to you.

Getting Started

Sign up to MK/IO — First time registration and subscription

First-time access to your portal — Getting familiar with the MK/IO dashboard

Connect your Azure storage account — Quickly add you current Azure storage


Overview — Base API and workflow concepts used by MK/IO

AMS API Concepts — Exploring the AMS API

Video Workflow Concepts (coming soon) — What to expect from our video workflows and services

Migrating from Azure Media Services

Migration overview to MK/IO — I use Azure Media Services today, how do I get started?

Important differences between APIs — Comparison of current AMS API and MK/IO API

Migrate your Azure Media Services assets — Import your existing assets ready for streaming

This is only the Beginning

Keep an eye on our updates and roadmap releases. Compatibility with AMS is only the beginning, we will be continuously updating the functionality and capability of the service - leveraging our decades of experience and market leading solution for Broadcasters, Operators and Content Owners.

Look out for 👀

  • Advertising Workflows, focused on unlocking revenue opportunities for your content and services
  • Content Enrichment and AI Workflows, leveraging Microsoft's investments to access new use-cases
  • Sports Streaming at Scale, using our highly resilient video architecture and ultra-low latency technology

What’s Next

Take out your subscription to MK/IO — today!