Streaming Endpoints

Streaming endpoints are shared or dedicated dynamic (just-in-time) packaging and origin services.


A Streaming Endpoint represents a dynamic (just-in-time) packaging and origin service that can deliver your live and on-demand content directly to a client player app, using one of the common streaming media protocols (HLS or DASH).

The Streaming Endpoint also provides dynamic (just-in-time) encryption to industry-leading DRMs.


As with AMS, we offer two options when setting up your Streaming Endpoints.

  • Shared: This corresponds to what AMS labels as “Standard”.
  • Dedicated: This corresponds to what AMS labels as “Premium”.

This allows you to match your scale requirements with a suitable price point and level of guarantee.


Access up to 600 Mbps as part of a shared infrastructure within your streaming region.


Use Streaming Units to define the number of dedicated 200-Mbps nodes you want to utilise.