MK/IO: Your Azure Media Services replacement

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What is MK/IO?

MK/IO is a cutting-edge video streaming platform designed to provide a seamless transition from Azure Media Services (AMS). It offers comprehensive video solutions tailored for enterprise video providers, IT departments, broadcasters, radio stations, and content platforms.

Ease of migration

We’ve made the migration process as simple as possible. MK/IO closely mirrors the APIs of Azure Media Services. This allows for easy migration with minimal adjustments needed in your code — just update the API endpoints (URLs).

Key pricing facts for users of AMS today

FREESigning up for an account and creating a subscription
FREEConnecting your storage account and migrating assets from AMS
FREECreating a streaming endpoint and leaving it in a stopped state
FREEUsing and integrating the MKPlayer
FREECreating streaming locators
Starting at $0.0877/hr*Streaming content from an active streaming endpoint
Starting at $0.005/min*Live events (passthrough)
Starting at $0.042/min*Live events (transcoding)
Starting at $0.0075/min*VOD Transcoding

*Excluding local egress charges

Documentation and APIs

Find all the details you need about MK/IO's functionality through our online documentation and tools. Learn about our APIs and how to use them effectively to streamline your video workflows.

Documentation, FAQs, and API details can be found on our through our website:

Homepagehttps://io.mediakind.comExplore the offering
Pricing out your services
Documentation started with your subscription
MarketplaceMK/IO on Azure MarketplaceSubscribe!
Dashboard and login
API Reference your first workflows
FAQ answers
Supporthttps://support.mediakind.comGet help
SLA promise to you

Use-cases and services

MK/IO caters to a range of video workflow use cases, with capability being phased in over the next month.

  1. VOD Streaming: Efficiently deliver on-demand content to your audience.
  2. Live (passthrough) Streaming: Stream live events reliably and at scale using your own encoder.
  3. Live Streaming: Encode and Stream live events reliably and at scale.
  4. Video Transcoding: Transcode video files to multiple formats to ensure maximum compatibility and optimal viewing experience.
  5. Content Protection: Safeguard your content with robust DRM solutions.


Refer to our Roadmap for the latest information and up to date timeline of services!

Who is MK/IO for?

MK/IO is designed for a variety of customers:

  • Enterprise Video Providers: Companies delivering internal communications or business-to-customer interactions through video.
  • IT Departments: Departments looking to implement or expand video capabilities in their organizations.
  • Broadcasters and Radio Stations: Traditional media outlets venturing into digital streaming or expanding their existing streaming offerings.
  • Content Platforms: Digital platforms that need reliable, scalable, and quality video streaming capabilities.

Embrace the new era of video streaming with MK/IO

#makevideo a seamless, scalable, and superior experience with MK/IO.