Set up your Streaming Endpoints

Creating origin services to deliver your content

Streaming Endpoints work exactly the same in MK/IO as they do in AMS. They are a dynamic just-in-time packager service and origin server that can format and deliver your live and file-based content to your client application. It’s a link between your assets and live streams and the URL that can be used to access your content. Streaming Endpoints can also enable content to be encrypted using industry standard DRMs. Support for DRM will be coming soon to MK/IO.


A Streaming Endpoint needs to be running in order for you to stream video.

Creating a Streaming Endpoint

From the MK/IO Dashboard view, select Streaming Endpoint in the left hand side menu bar. This will provide you with a list of all your configured Streaming Endpoints, including their running state. From here, you can control if you want any or all of them to be started or stopped as required.

To create a new endpoint:

  • Select the Create Streaming Endpoint in the top right hand corner.
  • In the dialog box, define a unique name for this endpoint. (Note: No special characters, except for '-' are allowed.)
  • Add a manual description of what this endpoint will be configured for if required.
  • Select the streaming endpoint type – Shared or Dedicated. Details of the difference between endpoints is covered in Streaming Endpoints.
  • Select if you want it to automatically start once created, by selecting the required option.
  • Add any tags you want to assign to this resource for resource monitoring purposes.
  • Click Submit.

Once submitted, your endpoint will appear in your list and you will be able to verify its state and start or stop it manually as needed.


Streaming endpoints will need to be active to enable your content to be viewed.

You can add and scale your endpoints based on the throughput of traffic that needs to be delivered. If you need help in deciding the right type of streaming endpoint, or calculating the number of units required contact our support channels for help.

Once your asset is imported and you’ve created and started your streaming end point, you can create your streaming locators and start to make your content available from MK/IO.